I love my job!

Growing up I always longed for a job that would mean i was top of my game, bringing in loads of money and where at 5 o’clock i’d be able to have a social life. talk about living the dream!

Currently i find myself in a job that doesn’t have a competitive side to it where you can progress as such and gain better pay. In fact it’s a voluntary position which means that i am reliant on the support of other christians for my income. Often referred to as living by faith, which means i trust that God will provide for me financially as i do His work. I guess really you couldn’t get much further away from what i had hoped my life would look like as i entered the “grown up” world after finishing a degree.

Yet i couldn’t ask for a better job!

This morning i had the privlege of meeting up with three lovely ladies for tea and to discuss a great book “Out of the Saltshaker and into the world” by Rebecca Manley Pippert. We were looking at evangelism being a lifestyle rather than one of occasions where we speak the gospel to people in four easy steps. Having maybe only over the last two years or so starting to realise sharing my faith and sharing Jesus is just about being honest and sharing my life with those around me i’ve found evangelism has taken on a whole new meaning. Now it is about living out life, enjoying things that interest me with friends, really getting to know people for who they are and then praying and seeking for open doors in which i can speak to them about Jesus.

As we shared our fears and worries about evangelism it was such a joy to see these girls just have a real hunger to want to see evangelism as an everyday living out of the truth that they have received. I’m really excited to see how God is going to use these ladies and work in their own lives as they reach out and love their friends this year.

And all this i get to call work!! AMAZING! I actually still, two months down the line, can’t believe this is where God has put me. In a job where i get to study God’s word, spend time pointing other towards Jesus and learning to depend on Him more and more. Praise God!

Looking forward to now going off to Uncover Jesus, meet with the exec and then attend the Christian union weekly meeting.Get in!


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