Looking back and looking forwards

So with only a few minutes of the first day of the year left I thought I’d try and get back into this blogging business.

2011 – amazing year and lots to be thankful to God for. It’s flown by and so much has happened. From writing a dissertation, sitting my finals, making some great friends and yet having distance put between so many of them as God has taken us all in new directions. Finishing as a student and becoming a relay worker with all the joys and challenges that has brung. Visiting FIji again and even receiving a proposal from a king (true story). I feel really blessed as I look back and whilst not all of it has been easy I have been so thankful for the one constant thing in my life, Jesus. The same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The assurance of salvation and my relationship with him can never be taken away because he paid the price to secure me my inheritance and I don’t even deserve it! Such love!

2012 – I’m sure will hold so much more excitement. The diary is already looking pretty epic.

My prayer is this year (as I suppose it should be each year) that i will allow God to be the big God that he is, recognising him as the potter and myself as clay, and trust in him for all things offering my life for his service.


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