Fellowship fun

Just to ease us all back into the life of Relay this week was set aside for time of study. While usually this will take up only 8 hours of the week, we had the privilege of spending a whole four days reflecting more on the heart of the cross and considering the church and mission. Whilst initially I was slightly worried about the fact that eight of us relays would be together 24/7, with the expectation of us studying, this week has been most delightful.

It becomes so easy to see the study that we get to do as part of Relay as just another thing we need to tick of the list (yes even after 4 months) but this week, with surprisingly few distractions, I really felt like a lot of what we have been taught really started to click in my head. Not that i now think by any means that i have grasped it all, that would just be stupid.

Towards the end of last term I’d begun to have a few doubts as to why on earth I was doing Relay. I was feeling really messy and so incapable, and then thinking onto next year with the possibility of doing similar work I was like, I’m not good enough. Thankfully a lovely friend pointed out to me, how small are you making God? I really needed to hear this! As I’ve had the opportunity to get really stuck into the cross this week my mind has been blown with just what was being achieved through Christ. I’ve been reminded of not only what a big and great God I serve but also how it’s so not about me! Not in anyway! I’ll write more about this in the coming weeks, otherwise this will make for one huge blog.

This week has also been fab because of my fellow brothers and sisters. Not only have we had time of “banter”, which was great, but it has been awesome really getting to know them some more, chatting through what God is teaching us and having the opportunity to serve one another through preparing food and tea. It really felt like a little family and to quote a fellow relay worker, “it would be nice if we could always live together”. Ahhhhh!

After a week of crazy sugar highs, stormy walks, copious amounts of tea, lots of games and not to forget the piecing together of our karaoke entry for relay 2, this week has been brilliant.

Very thankful to God for each and every one of the north east relays. Even those on their honeymoon 🙂


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