So for those not within UCCF circles it may be that the title of this blog doesn’t immediately excite you but rather leaves you asking the question, uncover what?

Well, Uncover is a series of six studies in Luke’s gospel written in partnership with Rebecca Manley Pippert. The idea being that students invite along their friends to come and examine Jesus and who he really is. To read more click HERE.

During my time as a student I would have never dreamed of inviting someone to actually come and study the bible with me, especially in such an open way ‘why don’t we examine who Jesus claims to be?”. I much preferred the idea of living out a distinctive lifestyle that was worthy of the gospel and speaking about Jesus when the opportunity arose, rather than raising it myself. Now these opportunities came rather infrequently, at least the ones I was aware of as I’m sure God provided many more of which I was ignorant, but when they did I never really felt comfortable challenging my friends to look at Jesus for themselves. Which is mental! Even looking at how God graciously bought me to himself I can see it was through engaging with the person of Jesus in scripture, in addition to seeing Christians live out their lives.

Yet this summer as I attended Forum, an annual conference for student leaders, I got so excited about this brilliant new resource, Uncover. Why? What has changed? Is it because I now have the title of ‘relay worker’ or because I’ve finally found the silver bullet in bringing people to Christ? I don’t think so. Before I was reluctant on three accounts. Firstly, more than likely I was worried about distancing my friends, what if suggesting to read the bible made them dislike me? Secondly, I didn’t trust that reading the bible with a non-believer would mean the same as it does to a Christian who has already believed. Lastly,well I’d forgotten who really does the heart changing and the role god gives me in His mission. I didn’t whole heatedly hold onto the fact that it’s only by God moving in people’s hearts that people come to know him, I’m just an empty vessel that he chooses to use in that process.

Having been reminded of these truths and praying for a more trusting heart in God wanting to use such a messy and not so well thought through person there have been lots of exciting times. During freshers week I met a wonderful young lady from Macedonia who was a complete stranger and yet God prompted me to ask her to come and examine who Jesus is, to which she accepted! Brilliant. I’ve seen god really change her heart and bring her to a point now where she is really weighing up the cost of what it would mean to follow Christ. I’ve also seen a Chinese student accept Christ as her lord and saviour and who is now learning more about what it means to be a disciple of God as we read the bible together.

I’ve been absolutely amazed at how God has worked through his word and has provided me with the ability to answer questions of the two girls. The more I study the person of Jesus with these girls the more God convicts me of how salvation is his job and I’m just the teller. How freeing!

Haven’t yet thought of opening up the gospel with an unbeliever? Pray that God will soften your heart. We have such a great message to hold out to people.


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