Lady Gaga and Jesus

So this week I’ve had the joy of spending time with Huddersfield Christian Union and partnering with them in mission to their campus, Project Red. This week has included a tea and coffee stand, wired and wonderful fancy dress costumes and questionnaires. Each evening has then been based around a particular artist, along with a free meal and then a talk on the message of these lyrics and then asking whether or not the bible has anything relevant to say about these things. Which it most certainly does.

Today began very very cold! I wasn’t at all enthused by the weather or the thought of standing in the rain whilst freezing my butt off! Yet, as the morning progressed it became apparent that actually the rain and cold were two things that really worked for us. Due to the bitterness and general soppy ness of the day students were dying for a cup of tea and something to indulge in, which we most certainly had to offer. This created many opportunities to engage with people and ask them what they thought about Lady Gaga – love or hate? Also, to then ask them what they thought maybe Jesus would have to say to Lady Gaga. Additionally, the rain seemed to be bringing along those who really were interested and wanted to take time to ask us questions. praise God for many contacts made today.

In particular was a student, Veronique, from France. She was looking at the books we had to give away and said how she just had so many questions. Having chatted for a while I asked if maybe she fancied meeting for a coffee to which she delightfully accepted. Later in the day Iona (CU student) and myself met with Veronique to have a chat and get to know her a little more. She said that she noticed something different about us, that we were really excited about Jesus and that if it was true she wanted to know him for herself. She also asked to hear Iona’s and my testimony. I then talked to her about the parable of the lost Son to which she said how beautiful. Isn’t it just! As we moved onto the evening event Iona and I really prayed that she would come to know Jesus.

As Matt spoke on where we seek identity today in our culture and how Jesus offers a new identity, one that is lasting, complete and what we were made for he also called all those who wanted this to pray. During the talk I was really moved for Veronique as it was so clear she wanted Jesus to be real in her life and as I prayed that by some means we’d know whether or not she prayed I heard her say out loud the same prayer that Matt had said. Praise God!

As Iona and I walked her back to the station we discussed what it was that moved her this evening. Veronique so clearly, and beautifully, explained how she had longed for something/someone to put her trust, hope and identity in and said now she had found it, it was Jesus! And now she just wanted more, more, more!

Hallelujah, what a saviour!

For those who pray, pray that both Veronique and Iona can grow in love for Jesus together and really rest in their identity in Christ


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