Who’s the fool?


Each year we have the age old half a day of hoaxes and pranks. Some people spend time plotting and scheming in the week running up to the day whilst others spend until midday trying to ensure they don’t fall into the same traps as previous years. I’ve never really played much part in the day, other than being an onlooker. However, yesterday took on a whole new meaning of April fool. 

Having just spent a lovely few days back home during my time off work i was all packed and ready to head back up north to the smoggy town of Middlesbrough, but before i left i decided to have a cuppa with a dear friend. Unfortunately, as i stepped out of my car and shut it behind me an evening of drama began. To cut a long story short i’d managed to leave my keys in the ignition and lock them in my car. FOOL! To add insult to injury my spare key was all the way back in Middlesbrough and my paper work for my car was locked inside my car along with my bag (beautifully displayed on my passenger seat for the wandering eye, containing my purse and house keys). I couldn’t have been more careless had i tried and was parked in a rather rough area of town.

What does a girl do when in such a messy situation? Well of course i called my Dad, my Dad always knows what to do in these situations. (He has three daughters and so things like this don’t always surprise him). Yet even though i knew i could call my Dad i knew that he’d be rather angry at me with my scattyness, and he was, but nevertheless he came to my rescue.

Now, my options were limited, a hefty bill to have new locks or a trip up to Middlesborough to fetch the key. So feeling very weak, foolish and gutted at the thought of booking a return train ticket there were a few tears and wallowing in my stupidity. Just as i was trying to be all grown up and deal with my own mess my Dad and Mum came in and said i should get an early night because they were going to get up early and drive me all the way up north and come all the way back again. At first i refused, i wanted to deal with my own mess, to take responsibility, after all it was me who locked the keys in there in the first place. Nonetheless, my parents had made up their minds, they were going to save the day.

As we drove up the M1 this morning though i had a lot of time to reflect and as i was grumbling to myself for having been so stupid my attention was drawn to how sacrificial my parents had been. It was my mess, my fault and yet they decided to bail me out. They weren’t obliged to drive all that way, to give up the best part of their day, yet out of an unconditional love for me they were willing to go to that length. 

As i thought about this i was really humbled and my mind was bought back to my heavenly father. The picture that my parents had painted for me was one of sacrifice, servanthood and love. I didn’t by any means deserve any of that. That is what God does for me all the time. I don’t deserve to have his pardon for turning away from him and worshipping other idols of this world. I don’t deserve his grace time and time again. 

More than this though. My parents had highlighted to me my reluctance to lean on others. My stubbornness and longing to take charge in times of weakness. I like my independence, i like to be able to deal with what life throws at me. This left me wondering in what areas of my life i wasn’t giving over fully to God, where am i trying to be strong? 

The beauty of the gospel is that i don’t come to God with all the things i can do, i come weak, i come broken and God delights in his mercy to be my strength. I don’t deserve this, but because of Jesus i now share in his inheritance. How much more freeing when i remember the nature of the triune God who loves me.

A traumatic and humbling 24 hours but very thankful for my earthly parents that God has blessed me with and for my heavenly father. Learning to rest and trust more in Him.


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