I’m Emma, i’m 22, and from a lovely little town in Derbyshire fondly known as Chezvegas (or Chesterfield for the average joe). Ok so not so glamourous, but i love it!

The summer just gone (July 2011) i graduated! yay! Whilst qualified as a Primary School teacher i am currently on a ten month programme called Relay with UCCF. So i get the awesome privilege of studying God’s word, being discipled by my staff worker Matt Oliver and his lovely wife and meeting with students for tea and cake to spend even more time looking at the bible and i get to call this work! Doesn’t get much better!

I should stress that this blog is very much my own thoughts, opinions and musings and don’t necessarily represent those of UCCF.

So i never really know what to write in these sections but i decided i’d share with you five passions of mine.

1. Jesus (the very reason i started to write this blog, see first post!)

2. Family and friends.

3. Tea

4. Travel

5. Watching the sunrise and sunset


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